PS5 First hardware Revision Seems To Be A Step Backward

Around a week ago, certain details regarding the new PS5 hardware revision surfaced on the web. Reports suggested that the retailers in Australia got their supply of units with a different model number. Plus, there was information suggesting this model was lighter in weight. It was in line with the talks indicating that unnecessary material will be removed from the PS5.

Austin Evans, a known YouTuber got his hands on the new CFI-11-series PlayStation units. He got that imported specifically from Japan to compare it with a launch model. The imported unit, not only weighs lighter, but it also comes with the expected new hand-adjustable stand screw. Furthermore, the results of cursory tests revealed that temperatures at the rear exhaust were in tune 3 to 5°C hotter on the new model. 

Moreover, the reason for this lightness became clear when the YouTuber opened the console. There was a change in the design of the fan and the fin stack was also smaller on the revised version. Plus, a cooper heatsink replaced the aluminum one.

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Sony has done other changes too in the PS5 revision

Evan also mentioned the change in the Wi-Fi antenna setup. So it is safe to assume that the other components may also have been changed.  Even though two of the models were not tested on the front. But the cooling setup was clearly different. 

Furthermore,  Sony recently shared that the standard edition of PS5 has clearly seen some profitability. Plus, the company also added that the all-digital edition (the model purchased by Evans)  is still been sell at loss. So, it appears as if the company is cutting short any fat it possibly can to result in low production costs.

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