AMD Adrenalin GPU Software Alters CPU Settings Automatically Without Users’ Knowledge

AMD Adrenalin
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Recently, Igor’s Lab, a German publication scrutinized what appears to be a potential abnormality surrounding AMD’s Adrenalin GPU software. For now, it appears the integration of AMD’s Ryzen Master module into the Adrenalin version 22.3.1 software or later is letting the program manipulate CPU PBO and Precision Boost settings. The interesting thing here is the user has no idea about the change.

As per several users, the issues are taking place only on those systems featuring AMD GPU and GPU combinations. Since, this hardware combination supports the Ryzen Master SDK. As a result, users that are using any of the following combinations are likely to face the issue:

  • Intel CPU with Radeon GPU
  • Ryzen CPU with NVIDIA GPU

For some unknown reasons, Adrenalin software from AMD automatically enables PBO while applying GPU profiles.

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Obviously, this is an unwanted situation; it can be annoying for the users, particularly when they have pre-configured CPU overclocking and undervolting settings from BIOS. However, it won’t cause any physical harm thanks to in-built protection settings. That said, Adrenalin overriding the settings can cause CPU instability. What’s more, it is still not clear if the CPU instability arises only when users have manually adjusted the CPU settings or it also happens under default settings. 

Possible Fixes

There are multiple ways to restore the CPU to its original settings. For instance, users can go to BIOS settings and re-enter all the CPU settings. Plus, users can also run Radeon Software Slimmer; it can delete the Ryzen Master SDK from the Adrenalin software. It is worth noting that Radeon Software Slimmer is a third-party program. So, there are risks associated with using this software. 

Anyways, the easiest solution is to create a new tuning profile for the GPU within the Adrenalin software. It will prevent the program from manipulating PBO settings. 

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