AMD Might Be Working on 5600X3D, a Better Version of its Best Gaming CPU


AMD rolled out the Ryzen 7 5800X3D in April; it was an upgraded version of the solid 5800X CPU. It packed the ”3D Vertical Cache” at the time when it was released. Now, it appears as if the company is planning to release new CPUs in the Zen 3 lineup featuring the same technology. The company is already working on one such processor called 5600X3D.

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Details about V-cache design

In simple words, the V-cache design allowed AMD to stack cache memory on the processor die. It resulted in an additional L3 cache, which enhanced gaming performance as well as server processes. Overall, the previous 5800X3D processor is a gaming powerhouse. However, the price tag for the new CPU, at $449, will put it out of reach for many customers looking to build their own PC.

According to a recent report from Greymon55, AMD also has plans to expand the X3D lineup before its next-generation Zen 4 processors are out for the public. The most significant difference between Zen 4 and Zen 3 is Zen 4 will integrate 3D V-cache on all chips, whereas 5800X3D is the only Zen 3 chip to do so.

Greymon further adds that more information should come next month. However, there are already rumors suggesting that the new chips will be the 5600X3D and 5900X3D. Now, an important thing to note here is that the vanilla 5600X is already a beast for $199; just imagine what an upgraded version with X3D tech will be like for gamers.

AMD is the favorite among gamers

Without a doubt, AMD has been gamers’ favorite for a while now. Intel’s latest processors featuring smart performance/ efficiency core design are doing great in the market. Plus, Intel’s Intel Core i9-12900K is the most powerful CPU in the market as of now. However, the price-to-performance ratio that AMD is offering is unmatched. Therefore, gamers prefer AMD CPUs.

Moreover, it is worth reiterating that although Greymon is a reliable leaker. But the new information should be taken with a pinch of salt. Let’s wait for an official confirmation from AMD. Plus, we expect more information to come our way in the form of leaks in the coming days.

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