Apple’s A15 Chip Faster Than Company’s Own Claims in Independent Tests

A15 chip
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The iPhone 13 series is equipped with the latest A15 Bionic chip, which according to the company, offers 50% better performance than its rival SoC. However, a new report from AnandTech suggests something different.

The A15 chipset is equipped with two new CPU microarchitectures, for two performance and four efficiency cores. These cores are likely based on a 5nm+ process aka N5P variant according to TSMC. The N5P is an enhanced version of the 5nm process that allows higher maximum frequencies.

Moreover, the A15 features a 32MB system cache, according to AnandTech. 32MB is double what was there in the A14. This new addition promotes better power efficiency by removing the need to go out to a slower and power inefficient DRAM. 

Furthermore, Apple has also increased the level 2 cache from 8MB to 12MB on the A15 performance core. According to the AnandTech report, this is a huge addition. This cache addition allows A15 to perform way better than its predecessors.

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A15 chip GPU performance 

The AnandTech reports call the addition to the A15 GPU absolutely astonishing. As the GPU improvements are far better than what Apple promoted. The only disappointing thing is the amount of throttling on the iPhone 13 Pro.

However, the overall thermal design of the iPhone is not that good. The heat is not spread throughout the body of the phone. That said, the iPhone does perform really well even with limited thermal capacity. It is still very fast and offers better gaming performance than other devices. 

All in all, the new AnandTech report suggests that the A15 delivers exceptional performance. And the improvements are key to the vastly longer battery life seen on the iPhone 13 series. 

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