DDR5 Pricing Might Be 50 To 60 Percent More Than DDR4

DDR5 memory

Cutting-edge technology is never inexpensive. As a result, it would be unrealistic to expect early DDR5 to compete with the greatest RAM while also being affordable to the general public. MSI (via Overclock3D) has given its thoughts on DDR5 pricing in its most recent blog.

The first DDR5 memory kits are expected to be released in conjunction with Intel’s 12th Generation Alder Lake processors. They might arrive in the market on November 4. Retailers, on the other hand, have briefly offered a couple of DDR5 memory kits. Hence, some customers managed to acquire them ahead of Alder Lake’s launch.

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DDR4-4800 C40 32GB (2x16GB) memory packages from TeamGroup and GeIL were formerly available for $310 and $350, respectively. We haven’t seen many benchmarks evaluating the DDR5-4800 memory kit; we can’t properly compare it to a DDR4 equivalent. For reference, a DDR4-3600 C14 32GB (2x16GB) memory kit, which is a popular option on the market, costs $269.99. When compared to GeIL’s RGB-lit DDR5 RAM package, we’re looking at a 30% premium, which is a little more than MSI’s estimate.

It’s possible that the DDR5-4800 memory kits on sale were either placeholder or had tentative pricing. We don’t rule out the possibility that the final price will be more than what they sold for G.Skill, Galax, and TeamGroup are among the memory companies that have shown their DDR5 memory products. However, no one brand divulged the product pricing, adding to the market’s uncertainty.

Semiconductor shortage will affect DDR5 memory too

Given the current worldwide semiconductor shortage, we don’t expect DDR5 memory kits to be widely available, and even if they were, they’d likely be prohibitively expensive, so MSI’s prognosis for Alder Lake adopters may become a reality. Fortunately, Alder Lake also supports DDR4, giving users hope that upgrading to the new hybrid desktop platform won’t break the bank.

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