Details About Intel Alder Lake H670, B660, And H310 Leaked

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The tipster @momomo_us has recently leaked the specifications for the Alder Lake H670, B660, and H610 motherboards. If the recently leaked details prove to be accurate and given momomo’s track record, we have no reason to doubt they will, the H670 and B660 series chipsets are quite capable; though we are not expecting much from cheap H610 boards. On the other hand, affordable boards to match with forthcoming i3 and i5 CPUs might receive a warm welcome.

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Alder Lake H670, B660 Specifications

First of all, let’s talk about the H670 chipset, which is a step down from the Z690. The majority of the basic functionality, including DDR4 and DDR5 support, hasn’t changed. The H670 chipset doesn’t allow you to overclock the CPU, which is usually tough unless you have an excellent cooling system. Fortunately, the H670 still has the option to overclock the memory. What’s more, we might get to see H670 boards with up to four or five M.2 slots because the DMI link will stay at 8x.

However, the USB count is disappointing, as the H670 has fewer USB 3.0 ports than the Z690. Of course, board designers are allowed to integrate supplemental USB controllers due to a large number of PCIe lanes in chipsets. Some H670 boards might cost quite high, making them strong Z690 competitors in the entry/mid-range.

The next chipset in line is the B660; it is the most inexpensive DIYers will consider. When compared to the Z690, it loses the ability to overclock the CPU but keeps the memory OC. It only has one PCIe 5.0 slot, which says very little at the moment. It is likely that PCIe 5.0 support will remain optional or limited to high-end variants. Because the DMI link is only 4x as fast as the Z690 and H670, board designers are unlikely to add more than two or three M.2 slots. The number of USB ports is slightly lower than H670.

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