Gigabyte Introduces DRM Fix Tool for Intel Lake Processor

Core i7-1195G7 and Core i5-1155G7
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Gigabyte Technology, a leading global provider of motherboards, graphics cards, and hardware solutions, has introduced the GIGABYTE DRM Fix Tool. It can greatly enhance performance on specific game titles when utilizing the 12th generation Intel processor while also avoiding potential difficulties.

Intel® just delivered the latest 12th generation CPUs to the market earlier this month. It offers the benefits of modern architecture and great performance. However, the E-cores in processors may cause the DRM software to misidentify them as a different system. In response to this issue, GIGABYTE has released the updated GIGABYTE Tool for the 600 series platform. Users can simply turn on and off the E-Cores on the go with this Windows-based software. Hence, they can avoid anomalous game behavior owing to the DRM issue.

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It is worth noting that GIGABYTE’s DRM Fix Tool requires the most recent BIOS version. Without any laborious installation, users may easily control the status of the E-cores using the UI of this software. Compared to other solutions that involve altered BIOS settings, PS/2 keyboard connection, or even an exclusive button on the chassis and keyboard, GIGABYTE’s DRM Fix Tool gives a far easier solution to the DRM issue.

The GIGABYTE DRM Fix Tool and associated BIOS are now available on the GIGABYTE website. Please visit GIGABYTE’s website to obtain the most recent BIOS version as well as the GIGABYTE new tool.

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