Intel Arc A770 GPU Set to Debut For Under USD 400

Intel Arc A380

Intel’s Arc A series will compete against the RTX 3060 Ti and Radeon 6650 XT, leaving the RTX 3060 and Radeon 6600 in the dust. The most talked about among this series is the Arc A770 graphics card. Priced at around $ 399 USD it runs on a TDP of 225 Watts. The Arc A series will be the newest of their GPU line-ups. Given that it will be an upgrade to the previous versions. The users will get improved performance at a pretty decent price range. According to the available information the A770 will come in two variants 16 Gigs and 8 Gigs on the other hand the A750 will be available only in the 8 Gigs VRAM option.

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As we go down the list, we find A580 more focused on the performance aspect of things, coupled with 8GB memory. This will be the go-to option for 1080p desktop gamers. The contemporary of this variant is RTX 3050 running on 175 watts. Last on the list we have the A380 and A310 GPUs, the most basic of the line-up but intel markets the A380 as mainstream. Its rival in the market is GTX 1650 running on 75 Watts and coupled with 6 Gigs vRAM. That leaves us with the smallest of them all A310 which is coupled with 4 Gigs of VRAM and pitched against the GTX 1050/Ti.

Intel Arc A-Series Expected Desktop GPU Prices

Intel GPU VariantsA310A380A580A750A770
TDP 75W75W175W225W225W
Expected Price~$100$125-$149$200-249$279-$349$349-$399

The price range might undercut the competition

The price range is set to undercut the existing competition. Although the exact pricing is not available to us yet. However, we can make an educated guess according to the available information. The A380 is available for USD 135. And its contemporary NVIDIA GTX 1650 is available at USD 190. So this new line-up will be priced according to the competition. Nvidia will not be too thrilled to match intel’s prices but they will face tough competition from AMD. When all is said and done a big thanks is owed to GPU boss Raja Koduri and his entire team for providing more options at a similar price range.

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