Intel Removing 4K Blu-Ray Discs Support From 11th and 12th Gen Chips

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In a recent development, Intel appears to have removed 4K blu-ray discs running capability from its new CPUs. However, all is not lost; in fact, it might result in something good. We have already seen users are experiencing issues with DRM.

According to Bleeping Computer, it is important to use SGX or software guard extension if you want to support blu-ray discs; since they feature digital rights management. In the case of Intel, this SGX is hardware-based memory encryption; meaning it is inherent to the hardware. The main purpose of Intel SGX is to separate code into different levels of security and thereby deeming some things more private than others. As previously discussed, Intel is removing SGX from its 11th and 12th Gen desktop processors. As a result, it will no longer support 4k disc playback.

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As per Intel’s datasheets, SGX is no longer a mainstream technology for the company; it is deprecated technology so it will no longer be used. Obviously, this is bad news for anyone wanting to play games with 4K blu-rays on a PC. However, this move has more benefits than drawbacks; as we all know SGX can cause some serious headaches.

Moreover, SGX limits developers to design for, since it is Intel’s own tool; another good reason to remove SGX. Additionally, people have come across various bugs within SGX over the years that allowed attacks on the system. The most recent one includes the last year’s SmashEX. All in all, SGX has become more of a problem in recent times. Hence, it was necessary to get rid of it, instead of continuing using it.

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