LG Display claims that their new ‘OLED EX’ technology boosts brightness by up to 30%.


LG Display has introduced its latest generation of OLED technology, dubbed “OLED EX”. The technology would increase brightness up to 30% compared to ordinary OLED displays. That might help address OLED’s major issue, which is a lack of overall brightness, as compared to mini LED technology.

Each OLED pixel produces light separately, allowing it to be totally on or off, as LG Display points out. This enables TVs to display perfect blacks without the “blooming” observed on LED TVs. Although OLED pixels cannot achieve the same brightness levels as LED. Current OLED televisions can reach peak brightness levels of 500-800 nits. But the tiny LED televisions can reach 2,000 nits and higher.

Other Features of the OLED EX:

OLED EX (Evolution/eXperience) employs deuterium compounds to make OLED sets brighter. Deuterium chemicals allow light-emitting diodes to emit more light. “When stabilized, the deuterium compounds allow the display to generate brighter light while retaining high efficiency for an extended period of time,” LG Display explained.

The color accuracy of OLED EX has also increased. It reportedly employs algorithms to forecast how 33 million OLED diodes in an 8K panel will be used, so it can “precisely manage the display’s energy input to more properly reflect the features and colors of the video material being presented.”

On 65-inch OLED panels, the business also improved its designs, decreasing thickness by 30% and bezel size from 6 to 4 mm. The business didn’t disclose when the technology will be available, but it did remark that despite a 12% fall in the worldwide TV market, OLED sales rose 70% last year.

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