NVIDIA Rolled Out A Firmware Update That Lets You Access BIOS Again

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The RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3060 have received a firmware update from NVIDIA that fixes a problem with the screen blanking while using DisplayPort. Currently, the screen won’t turn on until your operating system has loaded. It makes accessing the BIOS difficult. Given the necessity for customers to enter the BIOS to enable TPM settings in order to prepare for Windows 11; this is clearly a timely fix.

The problem is caused by the DisplayID standard, and it will only appear if your display uses it as well. It also affects only the two 30-series cards specified.

According to Nvidia, the firmware update should only be applied to customers who are experiencing screen blanking. If an update is required, the update will only give you the choice to update it. The Firmware is available on the Nvidia support page.

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If you’re having trouble, Nvidia suggests using DVI or HDMI, booting with a different monitor, or using a different graphics card or the one built into your CPU. However, not all CPUs have integrated GPUs these days, especially on AMD’s side.

Switching from UEFI to Legacy mode in the BIOS is another of its recommendations. While getting into the BIOS in the first place is required. On many aspects, UEFI is a better solution for modern PCs, thus this isn’t ideal.

Unless you have a plethora of monitors, cables, and graphics cards on hand, this may be your only alternative.

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