NVIDIA Won’t Release RTX 2060 12GB Founders Edition

GeForce RTX 3090
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In a recent development, NVIDIA won’t release a Founders Editions of the refresh of the RTX 2060 with 12GB of RAM. This confirmation came after Team Green listed the GPU on its site to remove it within a short time. Anyways, it somewhat gave the confirmation that the company won’t make its own model.

We came to know about NVIDIA’s redesigned RTX 2060 when it was listed in its drivers. After that, Team Green made an official but very low-key announcement to the press. It even put the specs of the graphics card on its website.

Moreover, NVIDIA’s press release stated that “The price will vary based on the individual model and region,”. “The company further added that you should expect the price to reflect the fact that this is a premium version of the RTX 2060 6GB. For detailed product details and price, please contact our AIC partners.”

However, NVIDIA soon removed any mention or specs about the new RTX 2060 Founders Edition card from its website. The same was later discovered by Tech Powerup.

Nvidia later confirmed to Tech Powerup that the RTX 2060 12GB will not have a Founders Edition. It also revealed that the only boards produced will be unique designs by various board partners. These include third-party card manufacturers like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and others.

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RTX 2060 Performance

Furthermore, the RTX 2060 will include 12GB of VRAM, which is double the original Turing card’s 6GB. On top of that, it also has 2,176 CUDA cores, which is the same as the RTX 2060 Super. Plus, the RTX 2060 Super features just 8GB of video memory but uses a 256-bit memory bus, whereas the latest 2060 has a 192-bit bus. In short, the upgraded RTX 2060 has more memory, but it is slower.

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