QD-OLED Display Tech Next In Line For Samsung Display

QD-OLED display

TheElec has reported that Samsung Display is all set to begin trials for QD-OLED display panels in December in South Korea. The company is calling the production line of QD-OLED panels as Q1.

Samsung Display is one of the biggest names in the display market. The company has created many in-roads in the display tech. Recently, the company was reportedly working on the Variable Refresh Rate tech. Besides, the company seems to be in the final stage of the development of advanced QNED tech. Now, it is about to start working on QD-OLED panels, at least according to the report from TheElec.

What is QD-OLED?

For those who are not familiar with QD displays, a QD or Quantum dot display employs quantum dots to make pure monochromatic blue, green, and red light. And as the light ray strikes them, they emit color. Hence, a Quantum Dot-Organic Light Emitting Diode aka QD-OLED is a hybrid technology, which is targeted to take full advantage of the two techs. For instance, users will get the perfect contrasts like OLED as well as brightness levels with colors like QLED.

Difference between QLED and OLED

In layman’s terms, when it comes to QLED, it features an LED backlight, LCD matrix, a layer of Quantum Dot film, and a color filter. On the other hand, OLED doesn’t feature an LCD matrix. In contrast, it uses an OLED light source and color filter to produce images. Thus, by combining the two technologies Samsung is trying to use the best of both worlds. Plus, it will achieve the above mentioned specs.

Moreover, reports suggest that Samsung set up all the equipment way back in July with the latest technology. In fact, if reports turn out to be true, it will take Samsung three months to streamline the flow and about six months for proper manufacturing.

Even though Samsung Display is one of the best in business when it comes to OLED tech. However, things get messy because the company lacks momentum particularly when it comes to large OLED panels. What’s more, LG Display is the main competitor, which is way more experience in the field. Hence, Samsung Display feels the head on the large screen segment.

Overall, we will have to wait to see what Samsung Display has in store for us.


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