Samsung Unveils A New 512GB DDR5 Memory Module For Servers And Enterprises

DDR5 memory

Samsung has revealed a new DDR5 memory module at the Hot Chips semiconductor conference. The memory module is specifically designed for servers and enterprises. Specifically, it features DDR5-7200 memory. The newly unveiled module is double of the modules present out there and it delivers transfer speeds up to 7.2Gbps. Moreover, Samsung has said that the module is about 40 percent faster when operating at 1.1V. It is not surprising because the module features an efficient power management IC (PMIC) and a voltage regulator. The company further adds that the PMIC not only reduces the noise in the process but it also provides a lower voltage process. In addition to that, the module is also equipped with a High-K Metal gate process. This is the first time the process is being used for Electronic Data Processing (EDP) DRAM.

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What’s more, Samsung also claims that the module is built with eight-stacked DDR5 dies, which is double of what was used on the DDR4 module. However, even after featuring twice the dies, the DDR5 memory module is 1mm in size. Whereas, DDR4 memory modules are 1.2mm in size. Additionally, the dies on DDR5 modules are interconnected with through-silicon-via tech.

Additionally, the new memory module is also believed to deliver a better bit rate, thanks to its on-die error-correction code. The mechanism will offer more reliable and secure data processing than earlier. On top of that, the module will also feature a fresh Decision Feedback Equaliser (DFE). It should deliver better signal reliability.

The new memory module will remain limited to Data centers and servers

It is worth noting that the new DDR5 module might remain limited to 64GB because it is aimed at data centers and servers, at least in the beginning. So, regular consumers will have to wait to get their hands on the upcoming memory module.

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