Xiaomi Upcoming High-silicon Lithium Battery to Offer 10% More Capacity

Xiaomi high-silicon lithium battery

While the smartphone industry has progressed in terms of camera and semiconductor capabilities; battery technology it struck at the same place for a while, at least for now. However, now things seem to be changing. It appears that Xiaomi will finally deliver some much-needed breakthroughs in battery technology. The company is working on a high-silicon lithium battery.

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Xiaomi has invented a new smartphone battery technology, which could see OEMs abandon the age-old lithium-ion technology now in use. The business appears to be promoting its new High-Silicon Lithium battery technology. It boasts a 10% increase in battery capacity while maintaining the same volume. To put it another way, Xiaomi’s technology will deliver 5500 mAh from a battery unit with the same volume as today’s 5000 mAh units. Although it may not appear to be much, it represents a significant improvement above current volumetric efficiencies.

Xiaomi claims to have increased silicon content on the negative electrodes by 300 percent. The company is also using advanced algorithms and in-house chips along with that; this all should greatly enhance the performance of the battery. The new high-silicon lithium batteries will go into mass production in H2 2022, according to the company.

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