How to Add Links to Instagram Stories in 2022


When it comes to sharing external links inside Instagram, your choices are very restricted. Instagram used to enable anybody to include “Swipe Up” links, which allowed you to add links to Instagram stories and those watching your story to swipe up to see the embedded URL. 

This was currently only available to verified business accounts with over 10,000 followers. So, these days, how do you add links to Instagram stories?

Enter: Link Sticker.

Link stickers are interactive components that you may add to your Instagram stories using the app. They have a similar look to other interactive tale stickers. Regardless of your follower count, they display a link symbol and the domain of any URL you provide on a white backdrop.

Why won’t Instagram Let me add a link to my story?

Yes, individuals were unable to access the link sticker option on an Instagram story because either the Instagram account was not properly verified by Instagram or the account lacked at least 10.000 followers.

However, you do not need to validate your account to use the link sticker option after October 2021.

How do you put a link on Instagram without 10000 followers?

Putting a link on the story has never been this easier. All thanks to Instagram. It has officially retired the old swipe-up feature and introduced a new concept called Link Stickers.

Instagram Link Stickers are now available to everyone (including you!).

It is official: Instagram’s new Link Stickers are now accessible to everyone. That is true, no need for 10,000 followers.

Instagram has discontinued the swipe-up functionality in favor of Link Stickers. You have probably seen these stickers in the story of accounts you follow, or you have used them on your own.

Instagram Link Stickers

However, if you do not have over 10,000 followers or a verified business account, you may have missed this update.

When applications like Instagram alter their rules or algorithms, people tend to worry. However, in the ever-changing landscape of social media, these changes can have a positive impact.

As an example, Instagram has now made Link Stickers available to all users. Instagram began beta testing the stickers in July, and the swipe feature was permanently retired in August.

Why did Instagram discontinue the Swipe Up feature?

The brand identity was one of the reasons. Instagram’s visual ethos is dominated by stickers, and the swipe-up functionality did not fit in.

The other component was the user experience.

According to Instagram’s Max Eulenstein, the firm has learned from companies and influencers that use the network to encourage their communities, as well as users who just want to share things with their friends and family.

It is also a method for the platform to be more equitable and welcoming to individuals who wish to advertise their companies via social media.

They stated, “We made this decision based on community comments about how important it would be for artists and companies of all sizes to benefit from link sharing to develop in the same manner that bigger accounts do”.

The main takeaway is that you can now utilize Link Stickers to add links to Instagram stories in the same way that major corporations do. 

3 Steps to Effectively Using Instagram Link Stickers

Step 1: Make an Instagram Story and include your Link Sticker

The Link Sticker will allow you to add links to Instagram Stories and enable you to publish a particular landing page, a blog post, or product details.

To add links to Instagram stories using the Link Sticker, follow these steps:

  • Create a new Story by uploading or capturing material.
  • Click on the symbol to access the sticker menu.
  • When asked, tap to pick the Link Sticker and enter your link.
  • lace the Link Sticker wherever on your Story that you wish.
  • Tap to modify the style of your Link Sticker, then pinch/expand to alter the size.
  • When you tap ‘Share,’ your interactive Story with the Link Sticker will be available for 24 hours.
  • Save the Story to your Highlights if you want to preserve it longer than 24 hours.

That is all. You have received a Story, and it comes with a Sticker. So, what now?

Step 2: Develop a clear call to action

Spoiler alert: Your CTA directs readers to click on your Link Sticker.

You want people to click on that link rather than simply scrolling through your Story to the next kitten video or celebrity dish, right?

As a result, you must make it plain to them that there is something they can do. And it is entertaining enough that they do not want to quit doing it.

The finest advice is the most straightforward: be forthright. Use wording that informs them straight away to touch your Link Sticker.

You may add the following to your Link Sticker to assist make your point:

  • Pointing arrows.
  • ‘Tap Here’ stickers
  • Text instructing users to click the link.

You might also instruct them to tap the sticker if it is a video.

Second, in your Story, pose a question that leads readers to press the link. The Quiz and Poll tools are very efficient methods to pose your question since many people can not help but respond to them.

Alternatively, if you are utilizing video, you might just ask the question vocally.

Assume you are a small business owner who produces an extremely excellent all-natural deodorant.

In print or audio, the question in your Story may be: “Would you want an all-natural deodorant that truly works?” “Click the link to put a stop to the stench.”

You got the picture. right?

Incorporate your question into a poll or quiz for a more engaging connection. Just saying… Users find them quite intriguing…

Making a big announcement is another approach to getting visitors to click on your Link Sticker. Big as in Hollywood searchlights. Big New Year’s fireworks.

Announcements are a terrific way to get people’s attention, whether you are launching a new product or offering a limited-time deal for the holidays. If you only use them seldom, they will be exceptional when you do.

You may visit Instagram’s Story Insights before or after your 24-hour Story ends to see how many people clicked your link Sticker. This, combined with your conversion data, will assist you in determining its performance.

This brings us to the last and most critical phase.

Step 3: Create an effective landing page with compelling text

Once a viewer taps the Link Sticker on your Instagram Story, you have won half the fight. You now need them to remain on the site you have sent them to long enough to complete the task you have assigned to them.

If you have directed them to a blog, you want them to read it all (and possibly click other links). As a result, your blog article must be intriguing. In other words, it requires an excellent copy.

If you have sent them to a landing page for a product or service you are selling, you expect they will buy it (or sign up for your list if it is a freebie).

How? So, once again…

Great copy is the most effective method to do this.

Copy decides whether your conversions are fantastic, moderate, or non-existent.

The key to creating a strong landing page is first and foremost knowing your audience’s demands. These requirements are often referred to as “pain points.”

By asking your audience questions, you will be able to discover their pain spots as well as the precise language they use to describe their demands (aka Voice of Customer).ve

When you utilize Voice of Customer to develop your landing page content, you get a text that speaks directly to your audience in a language they understand intimately–because those words are their own and they have given you precisely what they need and desire in an offer.

Then you structure those phrases into a clean, simple landing page architecture, and presto! you have got high conversions in the future.

You have got it now. Your three steps for utilizing Instagram Link Stickers to increase traffic to your website and increase conversions. These strategies may help you get there whether you want to develop your list or boost your sales (or both!).

So start stickering!


Using the new Link Stickers to add links to Instagram Stories may be a successful component of your entire social media strategy if you focus on the questions you ask in your Story and the quality of text on your landing page.

Have you utilized the new Instagram Stories Link Stickers? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Can I add a link to my Instagram story?

Yes. Capture or upload material to your story to add a Link sticker. From the top navigation bar, choose the sticker tool. Hit the “Link” sticker to add the link of your choice, then tap “Done.”

Where is the link sticker on Instagram?   

After you have finished creating your story, press the sticker symbol at the top of the screen. Scroll or search the choices until you locate the link sticker. Tap the link sticker to add it to your story, then write or paste the URL.


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