Best Gaming PC Build for Rs. 1.5 Lakh

Looking for a PC Build for Rs 1.5Lakh, we have brought you one. With Rs 1.5Lakh you can build a beast of a rig that is power-packed, has great looks, and excellent cooling. However, it is very crucial that you choose your components carefully. In this guide, we have handpicked the best components, which will allow you to get the most out of every dime you spend.

For the processor, we have selected the new AMD Ryzen 5 7600x. AMD Ryzen 5 7600x is a Hexa-core CPU with 12 threads. It comes with a base clock of 4.7GHz and a Max. Boost clock of 5.3GHz. Furthermore, this CPU has 32MB of L3 cache, 6MB of L2 Cache, and a TDP of 105 watts. Moreover, this processor is only compatible with AM5 Socket and DDR5 RAM. As per gaming performance, the new Ryzen 5 7600x is 20% faster than its predecessor, the Ryzen 5 5600x. At first glance, this doesn’t seem much, but Ryzen 7 7600x beats Ryzen 7 5800x constantly in almost every game. Overall Ryzen 5 7600x is an excellent budget gaming processor that can give tough competition to previous generation flagship processors in gaming performance. For the CPU cooler, we are using DEEPCOOL AK400 ZERO DARK.

As for the motherboard, we have gone with Asus TUF Gaming B650M Plus WIFI. TUF Gaming B650M Plus WIFI supports Ryzen 7000 series CPUs and comes with 4 DIMM slots that can accommodate up to 128GB of DDR5 RAM. Furthermore, this motherboard supports 2.5G LAN, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, and PCIe 5.0 for M.2 storage. In terms of audio features, TUF Gaming B650M Plus WIFI comes with two-way AI noise cancellation and 7.1 Surround sound with DTS audio processing. Additionally, this motherboard supports Aura Sync to control and Sync RGB components. Overall, this is an excellent midrange motherboard.

As for the RAM, we have chosen the Adata XPG Lancer RGB (1x16GB) DDR5 6000MHz RAM. It is the cheapest good quality 6000 MHz DDR5 RAM we could find. The RAM comes with RGB effects and can be controlled and Synced by all RGB software provided by motherboard manufacturers. Since DDR5 RAM isn’t available in 8GB, we used a Single 16GB kit in our build. If you want to enhance the look of your PC build or need more RAM, you may opt for two Adata XPG Lancer RGB (1x16GB) DDR5 6000MHz RAM for your PC build.

As for the graphics card, we have used the ZOTAC GAMING GEFORCE RTX 4070 TI TRINITY 12GB GDDR6X. ZOTAC GAMING GEFORCE RTX 4070 Ti TRINITY OC 12GB is a 2.5-slot triple fan design graphics card with a GPU support bracket. As per the feature, this graphics card has Fan stop mode for silent operation during idle load and SPECTRA 2.0 RGB with various RGB effects. 4070Ti can run all modern titles at 4K high settings at 60fps without ray tracing. And, for 1440p, it can run all modern tiles at max quality settings without any issues.

For the power supply, we have opted for Corsair RM750e. Corsair RM750e is a gold-certified power supply with up to 90% efficiency. The Corsair RM750e is a fully modular PSU that comes with a high-quality build. Corsair RM750e feature set includes Dual 8-pin EPS12V connectors, 105°C rated capacitor, and Zero RPM fan mode for silent operation at lower load. Furthermore, Corsair RM750e comes with a 7-years warranty for peace of mind.

For storage, we have selected Crucial 1TB P3 NVMe PCIe 3.0 M.2 Internal SSD. This SSD offers a good read and writes speed of 3,500MBps and 3,000MBps, respectively. Furthermore, this SSD comes with a 5-years warranty.

Lastly, for the computer case, we have gone with Lian Li Lancool II Mesh RGB. Lian Li lancool II Mesh RGB is a high airflow case with a front mesh design and three 120mm BORA DIGITAL ARGB fans at the front. And, since this case doesn’t come with a 120mm preinstalled fan at the rear, we suggest adding one for better airflow. Lian Li Lancool II Mesh RGB offers a premium look, excellent build, and cable management. All in all, this is a superb feature-rich case.

This concludes our PC build for Rs 1.5Lakh.

Keep in mind, prices of PC components change frequently and, if you find a significant price difference between the configuration table and links provided or PC components to be out of stock, please drop us a comment below we will fix it ASAP.

Now, if you have further questions or doubts, feel free to comment below and, we’ll assist you. Have a good day.

Note: This PC Build is updated on 1st Jul 2023.

Final Build

ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 7600X₹19,798
MotherboardAsus TUF Gaming B650M Plus WIFI₹22,575
Memory (RAM)Adata XPG Lancer RGB (1x16GB) DDR5 6000MHz₹5190
SSDCrucial 1TB P3 NVMe SSD₹4,799
Power SupplyCorsair RM750e 750 Watt₹8,950
CabinetLian Li Lancool II Mesh RGB₹8,699


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    • At the time of posting this article, Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 GAMING OC 8G was available for 55k. We have mentioned this article was updated on 13th Dec 2020. Secondly, due to the boom in cryptocurrencies miner are buying graphics cards in bulk and if you check every online store, every card is out of stock or are selling at the inflated price, we suggest you to wait till prices settle. It is the main reason why we stopped updating PC builds articles. We will soon update these articles when the prices come down to the original selling price but thanks for your valuable feedback.

  1. man i want a pc but rtx 3070 isnt available for rs 44,000 man. its like rs 70,000+ and the high end version is rs 98,000. i would get a rtx 3080 for that price. i cant buy a rtx 3070 for above rs 70,000+. i would buy that if it is rs 50,000 or rs 55,000 but no 20,000 more. i was saving money since 2016 and now that i want a pc i cant buy it due to this pandemic. ah i think until the pandemic is over , rtx 4060, 4080 and 4090 will come out.. well admin sorry for this comment. im not angry at you but im just sad and angry at the same time. just hoping that i will get the rtx 3070 for under rs 55k

    • Yeah, it is a sad time for PC gamers. Try contacting rptech India though maybe they can arrange an RTX 3070 founder edition for you. I would never suggest anyone to buy a graphics card at their current prices, I would suggest waiting it out till they are properly priced.

  2. bro newbie on nvidia site the rtx 3070 founder edition price is 44,500 rs the 3 rd party 3070 GPU are overpriced buy from nvidia site not from other sites clown

  3. bro newbie on nvidia site the rtx 3070 founder edition price is bro newbie on nvidia site the rtx 3070 founder edition price is 44,500 rs the 3 rd party 3070 GPU are overpriced buy from nvidia site not from other sites clown44,500 rs the 3 rd party 3070 GPU are overpriced buy from nvidia site not from other sites clown

    • We are happy that you liked our PC build. However, we are not selling anything. The links provided here are 3rd party links from trusted websites with the lowest prices through which you can buy each computer part. Do share this website with your friends and family, and if you have any queries regarding this build, reach us at

      And, if we helped you built your dream gaming PC, do like our Facebook page. It will motivate us to bring new PC builds.

  4. instead of i9 10850hk an i7 11700k would be a better option other than that good suggestion overall. i will build a pc after prices settle down.Thank you for ur suggestion

    • At the time of making this article, 11th gen processors were not available in India, but thanks for the heads-up. I will update these articles soon.

    • I am sorry for replying to you late, we don’t sell anything, and the links provided here are third-party links from trusted websites. However, you can do one thing you can copy the parts model number and check the prices with local computer sellers. But, keep in mind currently, graphics cards are way overpriced, so we suggest you wait until the price falls. The best thing about this PC build is its processor. It has integrated graphics which will let you use your computer without a graphics card. You can work with this PC and, it will even let you play some old games, but to play the latest games, you will have to add a graphics card in the future.

    • The power supply is already included in this build as per the monitor and UPS, we suggest Acer Nitro VG271U and, for the UPS we suggest APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA.

      If you want everything in 1.5lakh, then I am afraid you will have to compromise on many parts, such as downgrading the graphics card to RTX 3060Ti, CPU to 5600X, and motherboard to B550 motherboard such as MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK.

  5. There is thus laptop of asus named dog zephyrus i would like your suggestion on that so please reply .
    This build is really good but i want portability so i have to go with a laptop.
    I wish you start selling pre build pc like this soon
    I shared thus with many friends and I believe they will like this .
    Thank you for this wonderful suggestion .

    • Asus Zephyrus Laptops are really well built and pretty powerful. They are also lightweight and come with an excellent display. They come with many configurations, so can you tell me which version of Asus Zephyrus you are interested in?

  6. Hi Sir
    Did some research and saw that installing 240MM AIO Cooler is not a good idea because might face temperature issue. Am I right ?

    • There shouldn’t be much difference in CPU temperature between 240mm and 360mm. However, 360mm AIO would be more silent than 240mm due to three fans, but 360mm AIO are difficult to install, and many computer cases are not compatible with 360mm. Moreover, the processor in this build is a non-K processor so you should be fine with 240mm AIO but if you want larger then get a 280mm AIO.

  7. Good article bro…
    Can you help me decide on weather to buy pc or laptop for gaming? The only consideration here is performance and build quality for the same price.
    So for 1.5 Lakh which would be the laptop and what would be the best pc and which would be a better performer.
    P.S. Mobility and power is not an issue as I plan to use it at home only so pls consider only the performance

    Thanks 😊

    • Hello Henry,
      If you don’t care about mobility and power, We suggest you buying a gaming PC. Gaming PC will provide better performance at the same price.
      As per your second question, this PC build will be perfect if you are looking to buy a 1.5 Lakh gaming PC however if you want a laptop, then I would suggest this
      MSI GP66 Leopard Gaming, Intel i7-11800H, 15.6″ FHD IPS-Level 240Hz, Close to 100%sRGB Panel Laptop (16GB/1TB NVMe SSD/Windows 10 Home/Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070/GDDR6 8GB/Black/2.38Kg), 11UG-418IN
      This is currently selling on amazon.

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