Apple Rolling Out Rotating Security Code in iOS 15 for Apple card

iOS 15
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With iOS 15, Apple Card is getting an upgrade that includes a rotating security code. The feature will add an extra degree of security to purchases.

According to an Apple support page, the new Rotating Security Code feature, called Advanced Fraud Protection, rotates Apple Card’s three-digit security code after consumers read it in Wallet or it is auto-filled in Safari. Retailers normally utilize credit card security codes solely to authorize an initial payment. Thus, Advanced Fraud Protection can be used without risking delays to streaming services and other memberships, according to Apple.

The security code for Apple Card is saved in the Wallet app, not on the physical card. This is different from other credit cards. It makes it possible for Apple to rotate the number on its end and thereby display newly generated digits to the users.

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Users will have to check their Wallet apps for new passcodes every time

Undoubtedly the innovation improves security. However, cardholders need to note that while making a purchase, they will have to check the Wallet app for the code every time. For some, the minimal inconvenience will be a tiny price to pay for the extra security.

On an iPhone, you can access Advanced Fraud Protection by going to the Wallet app, selecting Apple Card, pressing on the card number icon, and authenticating with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode. The option is found in the Wallet & Apple Pay section of the Settings app on the iPad.

The feature may be turned off without affecting Apple Card purchases or regular monthly subscriptions, according to Apple.

Besides, that Apple is rolling out several other features with iOS 15 on Monday.

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