Apple says that the iPhone 13 will get a patch for the Unlock with Apple Watch problem soon.

Unlock with Apple Watch problem

Last week, Apple released the iPhone 13 in many regions. And while consumers were excited to try new things, they were unaware that they were in for a minor annoyance. The “Unlock with Apple Watch” function on the iPhone 13 creates a problem. It leaves some customers out in the cold when they try to unlock the new iPhone with their Apple Watches while wearing masks. Apple has recognized the problem and promised that a patch will be available soon.

You won’t be able to utilize Apple’s Unlock with Apple Watch function on the new iPhone 13 right away.

Important Points: 

  • With the Unlock with Apple Watch function, Apple has solved the issue.
  • Apple Watches will not unlock the latest iPhone 13 models.
  • Apple unveiled a technology that allows users to unlock their iPhones while wearing masks.

“This issue will be fixed in an upcoming software update,” The company says on a support website titled “if Unlock with Apple Watch isn’t functioning on your iPhone 13”. It also fixed the problem message “Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch” that customers see when they try to use the Apple Watch to unlock their iPhone with a mask on or set up Unlock with Apple Watch on their brand-new iPhone 13.

Apple hasn’t stated when the update would be available. It’s possible that the iOS 15.0.1 update will include the patch, as well as another for a problem that Apple hasn’t officially recognized. Many iPhone users have reported receiving a warning message stating that their device’s storage is full. But the users claim they haven’t done anything. This is especially true after upgrading to iOS 15. This problem may be addressed in the future version.

If you can’t utilize the Unlock with Apple Watch function on your new iPhone, Apple recommends turning it off until a patch is available. Users with masks on should use the usual passcode technique to open them, according to Apple. They can always utilize Face ID if they don’t have the mask. You may disable the Unlock with Apple Watch feature by going to Apple Watch settings and selecting “Face ID & Passcode.”

One of the most beneficial tools that emerge as a response to pandemic-related issues is the Unlock with Apple Watch function. People couldn’t use Face ID anymore because masks had become part of the new routine. So Apple introduced a feature that allows users of both an iPhone and an Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone without removing the mask or switching to the passcode method. This is the alternate solution for when Face ID isn’t working. Users of iPhones without an Apple Watch must still use the passcode approach. Now Apple has changed Face ID algorithms to display the passcode screen as soon as it detects a mask on the face.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 series is already on sale in India, with prices beginning at Rs. 69,900. To sweeten the bargain, there are a few incentives at various stores.

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