iOS 15.2 Lets You Reset A Locked iPhone Without Computer.

delete a locked iPhone

Resetting and wiping a locked iPhone used to necessitate a Mac or Windows PC for the longest time. Users must put the device into DFU recovery mode and attach it to a computer via a cable. It’s not as straightforward as factory resetting an iPhone when you know the passcode. Thankfully, iOS 15.2 addresses this issue. Users no longer need a PC to delete a locked iPhone.

According to 9to5Mac, the new iOS 15.2 release allows users to reset a locked iPhone on their own. The public received the software upgrade earlier this week. Also, the new functionality will be available to all users that are running it. A new Erase iPhone button will show next to the Emergency one when an iPhone is in Security Lockout mode. When you click the former button, it will prompt you to enter your Apple ID password before erasing it itself.


The procedure will fail if your device isn’t connected to WiFi or hasn’t activated a mobile data plan. This is due to the iPhone’s inability to interface with Apple servers. To wipe it, you’ll have to utilize the standard PC technique. Once you confirm your Apple ID password, an internet-connected iPhone will begin the resetting procedure. The gadget will return to its out-of-box form after the operation is completed.

This improvement makes it easier for users who don’t have access to a Mac or PC to use their iPhones or iPads on their own. Apple continues to promote the latter as a PC alternative, and the option to wipe it clean in the event of a lost password only helps it get closer to that aim.

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