What’s New in iOS 17? Leaked Features Revealed 

iOS 17 leaks

As always, Apple enthusiasts are anticipating the next software updates coming from the tech giant. With each new update, users hope that there will be significant improvements, exciting features, and bug fixes.

Thanks to leaks from the well-known leaker, AppleTrack on Twitter, we can now look forward to what’s coming in the next release: iOS 17. The leak has given us a sneak peek into the new features and improvements which we can expect to experience in the upcoming update.

So let’s dive right in and find out what’s on the menu.

Improved Performance/Stability

We all know that with each update, Apple tries to improve the performance and stability of its devices. This time around, iOS 17 is promising to be even better. AppleTrack’s leak suggests that the update will not only improve the system performance but will also provide better stability, especially for older devices that are struggling to keep up with the latest tech trends.

Redesigned Control Center

Apple always has prioritized users’ ease of use of their devices, and in iOS 17, it seems the company is planning to redesign the Control Center fully. Based on the leaks, we can expect the new update to have a more intuitive and streamlined Control Center interface. This means that users will be able to access various functions and features more easily.

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New Dynamic Island Features

Dynamic Island sounds like a promising feature for iOS 17. AppleTrack’s leak hints that the update will come with new customizable dynamic islands that Apple users can add to their home screen. The dynamic island feature will offer an innovative way to add widgets and provide more personalization options for Apple users.

Always-on Display Improvements

Always-on displays have been around for quite some time now, and we are excited to see that Apple is also jumping on the bandwagon. However, the leak suggests that the feature will not be limited to just the new devices. Users of all Apple devices will be able to enjoy the new feature as long as they upgrade to iOS 17.

Interactive Widgets

The way we interact with our devices has become more intuitive with each update. Another exciting feature coming in iOS 17 is Interactive Widgets. Users will be able to interact intuitively with the widgets on their screen. It will provide a fresh and more natural way to access app information and functions more quickly.

Health App Redesign

Apple takes health and fitness very seriously, as evidenced by the company’s Health App. The new iOS 17 update will come with a redesigned Health App, providing users with more detailed health metrics and a more comprehensive summary of their progress.

Improved Search/Spotlight

Search on the iPhone has always been a vital part of the user experience. In iOS 17, we can expect significant improvements in the Search function. Moreover, The updated Search/Spotlight function is said to be faster, more intuitive, and more accurate.

Major AR Enhancements

We all know that Apple is very keen on integrating Augmented Reality(AR) on their devices. The previous updates brought several AR-related features. And it seems that Apple is planning to invest even more in this technology in iOS 17. This leads to more seamless, more natural interaction with the real world and more enhanced experiences overall.

Final Words

Apple enthusiasts can look forward to exciting new features and significant improvements coming with iOS 17. As always, Apple is striving to create a more intuitive, more personal, and more enjoyable user experience with every software update. The leak provides us with a sneak peek into the update expected to debut at Apple’s upcoming WWDC 23 conference.

All in all, We can confidently say that iOS 17 will be another step up in the Apple device user experience.


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