Cinebench R20 Result Reveals Core i9-12900K Beats Ryzen 9 5950X

Intel Meteor Lake
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A new Cinebench R20 test reveals the performance of Core i9-12900K in both the single-core and multi-core tests, as well as what to expect in both areas.

The CPU was tested on a B660 motherboard with DDR4-3600 RAM rather than DDR5, which means it isn’t getting the most out of this CPU’s capabilities. Furthermore, the Thermal Velocity Boost function did not work effectively due to the motherboard’s early bios, resulting in the CPU achieving 5.1GHz rather than 5.3GHz in single-core testing, which was disappointing. Microsoft Windows 11 was the operating system in use.

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Cinebench R20 benchmark test results

The test reveals that the Core i9-12900K achieved 768cb in the single-core test and 10545cb in the multi-core test, which is both great results for a mid-range processor. In these tests, the Ryzen 9 5950X scores around 650 and 10,500 points, suggesting that the Core i9-12900K outperforms it in single-core and equals it in multi-core, despite having fewer threads. The difference between it and its predecessor, the i9-11900K, is stark, as it scores 640 points in the single-core test and roughly 6400 points in the multi-core test, suggesting a significant performance improvement.

The user also uploaded a stress test of the CPU, which showed that it consumed 257W; it was within the processor’s 250W PL2 power rating’s margin of error. Under stress, its high-performance cores maintain a 4.9GHz clock speed, while its high-efficiency cores maintain a 3.7GHz clock speed.

It will be fascinating to see how well this processor performs with the final BIOS and DDR5 ram memory. However, these tests have already shown that the Alder Lake-S processor will operate admirably even in less-than-ideal conditions.

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