Google Pixel 8 Leak Suggests Significant Camera Improvements

Google Pixel 8

The Pixel phones have always excelled at photography. The Google Pixel 7 Pro and its smaller sibling both provide a number of amazing photography features. One reason is, Google pioneered machine learning augmented cameras that handle a lot of the work during post processing. A recent Google Pixel 8 leak has suggested some major camera enhancements. The possibility that staggered HDR capability would be included in the Pixel 8 next year, which would also include a new primary camera, suggests that the firm isn’t about to slow down any time soon.

How does this fare against Google’s current technology?

Google’s initial HDR+ approach called for a series of quick exposures. On the other hand, the company switched to HDR+ with bracketing beginning with the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G.

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In the meantime, Samsung’s more contemporary approach to HDR photography is staggered HDR. This technique quickly sequentially takes three different exposures (short, medium, and long), blends them, and produces the final image. Therefore, it appears that one of Google’s HDR+ solutions is missing, specifically the medium exposure.

The most recent version of the Google Camera Go app now supports the Staggered HDR function, according to developer Kuba Wojciechowski. He is someone who typically discovers forthcoming Google gadgets and features through an APK breakdown process.

The 50MP ISOCELL GN2 has a 1/1.12-inch sensor, which is larger than the 1/1.31-inch sensor of the ISOCELL GN1. The larger pixels and Staggered HDR should lead to better image quality.

The original Google HDR+ function only recorded a few short exposure frames, however later updates recorded five short exposure frames, then one long exposure frame (after the shutter button is clicked). In contrast, Samsung’s HDR algorithm takes three exposures—a short exposure, a medium exposure, and a long exposure—and merges them into a single HDR image.

Anyways, this is just a leak, we will have to wait for official confirmation from Google about new changes on Pixel 8.

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