Intel Core i9 “Raptor Lake-S” Will Come Equipped With 24 cores

Intel Rocket Lake-S
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The hybrid design of Intel Raptor Lake-S will be similar to that of Alder Lake; it is built on high-performance Golden Cove cores and high-efficiency Gracemont cores. This successor to Alder Lake will include an improved high-performance core dubbed Raptor Cove, as well as a larger number of high-efficiency cores. The claim that the number of ‘small cores’ has been doubled also looks to be true. As a result, the series will support up to 8C+16c configurations.

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The series will be available in three different configurations, according to AdoredTV: 8C+16c, 8C+8c, and 6C+0. The entire range, including Core i9, Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, and even Pentium SKUs, was leaked by Jim. The hobbyist “K” series will be available in 24, 16, and 14 core configurations, according to this list. Intriguingly, Intel plans to keep dual-core CPUs in production until late 2022, with the Pentium line relying only on this design, while the Core i3 will be quad-core. The Core i5 series, which will have 10 to 14 cores, gets a lot more interesting.

The TDP bands for these CPUs are the same as for the previous series: 125W for enthusiast “K-series,” 65W for mainstream, and 35W for low-power “T-series.” Only the Pentium SKUs will have 16 Execution Units, while the remainder will have 32 graphics units. Although the PowerPoint does not specify which GPU architecture will be used, it is likely to be Alder Lake-S, which is Gen12.2 (Xe).

Intel Raptor Lake-S will have more cores, as well as improved power and performance and enhanced IPC and frequencies. The L2 cache in CPUs based on this architecture will be larger as well. Intel is likely to increase the frequency by roughly 200 MHz, with turbo rates reaching up to 5.5 GHz, according to Adored (Alder Lake-S unlocked SKUs are up to 5.3 GHz).

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Recent reports suggest Intel Core i9 will feature Raptor Lake-S with 24 cores, full configurations leaked. Click to know more. 


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