All About iPhone 14 Series: Complete Information


Want to know all about iPhone 14 series? Keep reading this article for complete information.

Apple has introduced four new iPhone models. The 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max, each with its own set of upgrades and improvements. You may be wondering things like, “What’s new?” “Should I upgrade?” and “Is it worth it?” 

To help you decide if the next iPhone 14 series is worth purchasing, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to its new features.

About iPhone 14 Series: Should we upgrade?

The normal individual may have trouble distinguishing between the 12, 13, and 14 at first look. You may choose to skip this generation if you are perfectly content with your current 12 or 13 model’s battery life, processing speed, and camera.

However, the iPhone portfolio as a whole sees major improvements and new features if you upgrade from the basic models to the Pro versions. The new dynamic island will result in a drastically different user experience even when upgrading from the 13 Pro to the 14 Pro.

Following are some of the new features of the iPhone 14 series:

Action Mode

Do you need a camera gimbal to capture more dynamic action videos, but currently lack one? Then you might prefer playing with Action mode. This setting supports 60 or 30 fps at a maximum of 2.8k resolution. Cropping the picture and using the overscan from the 4k 48MP sensor’s action mode bring the resolution down to 2.8k. This setting is ideal for capturing parkour on video or running after a kid at the playground.

Crash Detection

The latest iPhone has two gyroscopes that can identify whether the phone has been in a major collision. If you are alright or not really in a collision, you may cancel the call before it calls the emergency contacts and rescuers. 

The Satellite-Based “Emergency SOS”

There are still places in the globe where mobile phones won’t work, and satellite phones can be a lifesaver. The amazing thing about the tracking tools on the iPhone 14 is that you can use them from anywhere on Earth to notify your position to emergency contacts by pointing your iPhone straight at a satellite in orbit. This isn’t the kind of thing most people would ever use, but for those that do, it might be a literal lifesaver.


The iPhone 14 base models have a glossy surface, whereas the Pro models have a matte one. As a whole, this year’s palette seems a little mute, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in a world of neutral tones. 

Purple, blue, Midnight (Black), starlight (White), and product red are the color options for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus.

Deep purple, gold, silver, and space black make up the Pro Colors. 

iPhone 14 and Plus

First impressions reveal that the iPhone 14 is mostly unchanged from the iPhone 13. If you’re upgrading from an iPhone 12 or earlier, you won’t be disappointed, but if you’re coming from an iPhone 13, you may want to wait before leaping. 

The battery life has been improved, the camera has been upgraded, and internal improvements have made the phone somewhat faster. The 14 Plus’s new form factor, on the other hand, is the most intriguing debutant here.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

Dynamic Island

The notched area has a new name—Dynamic Island, and new alert components. Dynamic Island serves as a fun element. Even while you could do much of this with a series of swipes previously, this now simplifies and prioritizes the applications that are occupying your time. 


Side-by-side comparisons between the cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro Max would likely leave us stumped. That’s not a criticism of the iPhone 14 Pro, but rather a rousing defense of the improvements made in the previous model. 

Both the cameras and the way they analyze images have been updated for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

There is a main camera with 48 megapixels, an ultrawide camera with 12 megapixels, a telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom, and a front camera with TrueDepth technology. All of these cameras have better light sensitivity and resolution than their predecessors. This means that instead of the three default zooms in the previous Pro, there are now four (.5, 1x, 2x, and 3x).

The iPhone 14 Pro’s video modes are indeed noticeably different from their predecessors. The zooming in and out and moving between the cameras are much smoother now. This will raise our usage of crash zooms by at least 50% since they are quite popular. 

There are enhancements such as higher quality, enhanced lighting performance, and the ability to use 4k at both 24 and 30 frames per second when in Cinematic Mode. Yes, we do believe these alterations make for a superior product as a whole. The iPhone Pro Max is formidable in a society that increasingly values short-form videos for social media.

Previous iterations of the selfie camera gave the impression of endless depth of field. Selfie quality has been greatly enhanced with the new True Depth camera’s autofocus, making for clearer snapshots. Also, the previous selfie camera was already fairly decent, so it’s more difficult to see the improvement when comparing the two. 

However, we would agree that the reliability of FaceID has improved dramatically with each new iPhone model. The prompt to “enter your lock screen code” occurs much less often nowadays. Moreover, the new True Depth display enables horizontal FaceID unlocking, which is useful when using a tripod or viewing a movie in the dark.

Always-On Display

Using the Always-On screen, you can quickly check your phone’s status without having to physically activate the screen. When coupled with widgets, this may let you acquire a lot of useful information without drawing too much notice to the fact that you aren’t paying attention. 

The refresh rate of the iPhone 14 Pro may be lowered to 1 Hz, significantly reducing power consumption and the burden on the battery. And to be honest, it’s a quite useful feature.

All About iPhone 14 Series: Final Thoughts

The new iPhone 14 Pro is the highlight of the event. In a world of continual content consumption and production, its additional features make it an exceptionally appealing bundle. 

Although this year’s updates are rather minor, we believe that the iPhone 14 series always-on displays, action modes, and dynamic islands are compelling enough to sway consumers.

Prices for the iPhone 14 begin at Rs 79,900. Costs for the Plus begin at Rs 89,900. With the Pro beginning at Rs 1,29,900 and the Pro Max at Rs 1,39,900. The price gap between the base model and the top model is substantial, at Rs 50,000. 

While the Plus may have taken the lead in sales if it had been released alongside the Pro, we expect that many buyers will be attracted to the latter due to the latter’s more robust set of features. 

The iPhone 14 is available for purchase today and will begin delivering on September 16; the iPhone 14 Plus, however, will not be available until October 7.


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