Apple Might Remove Power and Volume Buttons From iPhone 15 Pro

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Apple plans to replace the conventional volume and power buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro versions with solid-state counterparts. These include an integrated Taptic Engine to simulate the “click” sensation. 

Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned tipster, revealed information about the new changes that Apple might bring to future iPhones. Essentially, the most recent update effectively builds on an earlier “prediction” by adding more information.

What’s more, this is not something new, Apple has utilized solid-state buttons with Taptic Engine before. The Cupertino-based company used the solid-state buttons on iPhone 7. Apple actually removed the physical home button to make room for a solid-state replacement with specialized haptics that gave consumers the impression that they were technically pressing a physical button. This is also accessible on the MacBook Pro; it’s located inside the trackpad. If the iPhone 15 Pro does receive one, it is anticipated to be an upgraded model. If Apple removes the power and volume buttons, it could eventually result in Apple producing an iPhone without ports or buttons. 

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Kuo in a tweet mentioned that “My latest survey indicates that high-end iPhone 15 models will feature solid-state buttons and will equip with additional Taptic Engines to simulate the feel of physical buttons’ force feedback.” He further added that “Cirrus Logic is the primary winner for canceling physical buttons and the change to adopt solid-state buttons on the 2H23 high-end iPhone 15 models.”

Apple has the best haptics in the market

Apple offers some of the best haptics in the business. The technology used in the iPhones and even the Mac has been nothing short of amazing. Unless you specifically look for the button, it is difficult to tell that there isn’t one. We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

Additionally, Kuo claimed that Apple’s Dynamic Island, which was previously reserved for the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max in the current generation, will now be available on all iPhone 15 models.

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