Apple Rolls Out 5G Beta Program in India

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According to reliable sources, Apple will enable 5G for Indian users in the iOS beta programme as soon as next week. Although Apple acknowledged this, a precise launch date has not yet been set. On October 1, India officially declared the start of 5G services.

Apple previously said that it would release the necessary software update for consumers in December. This comes in response to demands from the Indian government to enable 5G services on its devices in India. The beta deployment is a step toward this. It will provide Apple with the input necessary to address any service issues.

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Apple will release 5G support once network validation and testing for quality is done

The 5G experience would be available to iPhone customers “as soon as network validation and testing for quality and performance is finished,” Apple had stated in a statement at the time.

After the upgrade the next week, Apple beta software programme participants on Airtel and Jio can test out 5G. Before the software is made available to the general public, users can test out pre-release versions. In short, they can use the newest features thanks to the Apple Beta Software Program.

Users can also offer Apple feedback on product quality and usability during this time. The Beta programme requires users to subscribe separately. It is not advised for regular users because the beta software upgrades are occasionally buggy and not the final product.

The third-generation iPhone SE model, the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 series, as well as other Apple devices, are 5G compatible. The beta software update for these devices will be released the following week, followed by the full upgrade in December.

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