Apple’s iPhone 13 120Hz ProMotion Doesn’t Support Third-Party Apps by Default

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Last week, Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The ProMotion 120Hz OLED display is one of the most notable features of this year’s iPhone 13 Pro series. The new iPhone 13 Pro models have higher refresh rate screens. Rumors suggest it can cycle between 12 refresh rates. It is seven more than the iPad Pro, which makes everything look silky smooth. Early evaluations and hands-on have revealed that the screens of the non-Pro and Pro variants differ noticeably. Moreover, not all third-party programs and UI elements can take advantage of the 120Hz PromMotion display.

It was previously claimed that Apple imposed this restriction on purpose. And only first-party Apple apps, such as Phone, Messages, and Photos, would be able to utilize the iPhone 13 Pro’s 120Hz display. Apple, on the other hand, has put a stop to this uncertainty by confirming that third-party app developers can use the high refresh rate.

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How to take advantage of 120Hz ProMotion Display?

App developers will need to add an extra line of code to their app’s Info.plist file, according to Apple. After that, the developer must submit a new version of the program to the App Store. Plus, users also must upgrade their apps to make use of the 120Hz display. On top of that, Apple has also offered dedicated step-by-step guide/documentation on how to enable ProMotion in third-party apps. This article can help developers enable high-refresh rates in their apps.

Moreover, Apple has left the high refresh rate screen as an opt-in feature, meaning that not all developers and apps will use it. However, given that Apple has released a support document, you can expect popular third-party software developers to add support for the ProMotion display in the near future.

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