Digital car key support will be available for the Galaxy S21+ and S21 ultra only in South Korea for now.

Digital car key support

Samsung introduced its “digital key” function for any UWB-equipped smartphone alongside the Galaxy S21 in January. But we haven’t heard anything about it since. With the arrival of October’s security update, Galaxy S21+ and S21 ultra will add digital car key support in South Korea for now.

The newest security patch for the Galaxy S21 series, as discovered by TizenHelp, adds digital car key support to the S21+ and S21 Ultra. Users can add a support key to Samsung Pass after updating the latest version. But we’ll have to wait to see what makes and models are now operational. Audi, BMW, Ford, and Genesis were among the brands first claimed to be compatible in January. But the company has not revealed the particular models yet. To unlock automobiles and even start engines, digital keys employ a mix of NFC and UWB.

Digital car key support releasing time:

Samsung had claimed that vehicle keys will be available for the S21 in August, after house keys in July, however, neither service arrived on schedule. Car keys have, as far as I’m aware, beaten home keys to the S21, probably because there are many more drivers than smart lock owners in the world today. Meanwhile, Google revealed in May that they incorporated digital key support into Android 12, with plans to deliver it to Pixel and Samsung phones this autumn. Samsung Pass should be there in the company’s plans for this functionality.

Even though the October patch is available to worldwide phones starting today. This functionality is now confined to South Korea, with firmware ending in “AUIG” rather than “AUIE”. The digital key should be available in markets in Europe and the United States in the near future.

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