Galaxy S20 Series in India: Free Screen Replacement for Green/Pink Line Defects


Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series users in India have been facing an unusual screen glitch where peculiar green and pink lines appear across the display.

A recent tweet from a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra user, CoconutShawarma, highlighted this issue. After installing a new software update, the user reported strange lines. They subsequently confirmed that Samsung replaced their affected Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s screen for free. This was despite the phone being out of warranty.

The green and pink lines appeared vertically across the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s display following the June 2023 security update. This issue, however, isn’t exclusive to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, as various other Galaxy smartphone users have reported similar problems. Interestingly, phones from other brands using Samsung Display’s OLED screens have also exhibited this issue.

Samsung has yet to make an official statement regarding the problem, but the company seems to be addressing it proactively.

According to a Samsung India Support executive, the tech giant will offer free screen replacements. This applies to Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20, and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra units. The WhatsApp support channel conveyed this information, and the offer includes a free battery and kit replacement.

However, there are certain conditions for availing of this free screen replacement.

The Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Note 20 series unit must be affected by a green/pink/purple line or screen flicker. Additionally, it must have been purchased within three years from the date of the replacement claim.

This offer is valid until September 30, 2023.

Samsung’s decision to replace the screens is commendable, particularly since the fault lies with the hardware/software, not the users. We are yet to see if Samsung will extend this screen replacement offer to other countries. This pertains to Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series phones. It’s also uncertain if Samsung will include other Galaxy phones affected by the same issue.

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While it’s reassuring to see Samsung prioritizing customer satisfaction by replacing the display and battery for free, the recurring screen issue calls for global attention.

If this problem stems from faulty software or display panels, Samsung should address the issue at its root and offer the same free replacement to all affected Galaxy users worldwide.

The brand’s reputation for quality and customer service hinges on how effectively it can resolve this issue.


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