Galaxy S23 Ultra Passes the durability test with flying colors

Galaxy S23 Ultra Passes the durability test with flying colors
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Just one week after its February 1 release, the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series is already making waves in the tech world. Zach from JerryRigEverything, a well-known YouTuber, has tested Samsung’s newest flagship device- Galaxy S23 Ultra for durability. This new durability test appears to support the S23 Ultra’s claims of performance and durability, which it shares with the S23 and S23+ flagship devices.

The most notable feature of the Samsung S23 Ultra is the 200MP camera. On top of that, the gadget is also designed for hard usage. Anyways, the durability test revealed that the S23 Ultra’s design and overall build quality are nice.

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Galaxy S23 Ultra durability test results 

It is not surprising that the S23 Ultra’s surface could withstand scratches up to the sixth hardness level. After all, it comes with Gorilla Glass’ new Victus 2. On the other hand, although it required quite a bit of force or effort, the Armor Aluminum on each side of the device scratched comparatively easily. However, in an open flame test, the screen of the S23 Ultra performed remarkably well, suffering little to no damage even after 60 seconds. The product appears to be a good investment in terms of durability. It also didn’t exhibit any excessive bend when force was applied.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has, in conclusion, excelled in the durability test. Samsung built the Ultra very well; it is not often that a device can withstand a razor blade to a metal frame. Overall, the S23 Ultra appears a well-made, long-lasting device.

It is worth mentioning that earlier Galaxy Ultra models also fared well in terms of durability. So, this was kinda expected from the new device as well.

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