Google Pixel 6 New Bug Can Decline Calls Without User Knowledge

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Another problem has surfaced in the Google Pixel 6, this time preventing users from receiving phone calls. The most recent Pixel phones were released in October 2021 and have had a number of troubles since then. The vibration intensity of the Pixel 6 smartphones was recently found to be low, although there were a few solutions. The phone’s W-Fi was also problematic, and it would turn off when users used the camera.

It’s not only an annoyance when you don’t get phone calls. If a user misses an essential call, it could be problematic. A family member may have been injured, or a spouse may be calling concerning a child’s school pick-up. No one wants to be late for either of these calls.

And, given that the primary purpose of a phone is for a user’s contacts to contact them, this is a major worry. Especially because an increasing number of people only have a cell phone and have abandoned their landlines.

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Reddit user discovered this Pixel 6 flaw

The latest Pixel 6 flaw was discovered by Reddit user u/merryjaina, and numerous additional users confirmed that they had had the same issue. According to the customer, it’s happening on their Pixel 6 Pro, and it’s causing them to miss calls without them knowing. Their pals have attempted to contact them, but no missed call notifications have been received. The calls are recorded in the call log, but they are marked as refused. It’s also worth noting that this only happens with saved contacts, not with unknown numbers, according to the user.

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