Google Pixel 6 Won’t Charge With Low-Quality USB-C cable or Charger

charger Google Pixel 6

Although the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro do not provide a charging adaptor. The Smartphones do include a USB-C-to-C charging cable. It should go without saying that the cable that came with your phone is the best one to use to charge it, but it appears that Google Pixel 6 will refuse to charge if you use a low-quality USB-C cable or charger. Users are reporting that their Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices won’t charge when using specific connectors, according to 9to5Google

There will be no warning message shown; they will function as though there is no power supply. Other Android cables and power adapters may not function with Pixel phones, according to Google’s support website.

Both Pixel 6 variants support USB-PD (Power Delivery), although many older/cheaper cables don’t comply with this newer fast-charging protocol, therefore charging the phone will be sluggish. The same may be said for older/less expensive charging bricks. While USB-C is meant to make charging all of our gadgets easier, the obvious problem is that there are now many specifications that utilize the same connector, which may be quite confusing for many consumers. Although it’s inconvenient that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro won’t charge with certain of your old cords and chargers, it’s for the best.

Slow charging using inexpensive cables can harm batteries. So the best method to safeguard your Pixel is to use the wire that came with it. If this is your first Pixel, you’ll almost certainly need to buy a new charging adapter as well, as USB-C chargers are still scarce, and even if you do have one from a prior device, there’s no assurance it’ll charge your Pixel 6.

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