iPhone 13 Pink Screen Issues Leaving Phones Useless

iPhone 13 pink screen
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In a recent development, some iPhone 13 users are experiencing a strange pink screen issue that is leaving the device inoperable. The issue was first reported in October last year; a user took to an Apple Discussion forum to share his experience. Specifically, the users reported that their iPhone 13 Pro’s screen turned pink all of a sudden and crashed afterward. After that, several other users came forward and shared the same issue. Some of the device owners managed to get their devices exchanged, while some couldn’t. Soon after, Apple acknowledged the issue and an Apple guy revealed that it is a software-related issue.

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iPhone 13 series pink screen issue

A user revealed that they were using the camera when their iPhone screen turned to pink randomly. However, it automatically turned to normal after a restart. Moreover, many users shared their woes on the Reddit forum about how the pink screen has made their life difficult.

What’s more, the issue is not limited to a certain app since users have experienced it while doing different things on devices. For instance, the aforesaid user was clicking pictures with the camera; another owner reported that he was using GPS when the issue appears. After which, the GPS started displaying the wrong data. The user had to restart the device to make it work the right way.

Overall, there is no pattern associated with the pink screen issue; expect most of the users facing this issue are Chinese. Plus, the vanilla iPhone 13 is the major victim.

Additionally, Apple has not given an official statement, but it did comment on the issue on Weibo. According to folk from Apple, the issue is not associated with hardware. Plus, the Apple executive recommended people back up their data alongside updating their device to the latest software version.

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