LG Developed New Camera Sensor Technology That Could Reduce Size of the Smartphone Cameras

LG 42-inch OLED

LG is no longer a player in the smartphone market but the company still makes displays and other parts. What’s more, the South Korean company recently announced that it has developed a new camera module that will solve one of the major issues in flagship smartphones. LG’s subsidiary LG Innotek has announced the compact camera module for smartphones. It is capable of offering up to 9x true optical zoom on a smartphone.  

Moreover, LG has gone one step further and partnered with Qualcomm to optimize it further for Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. However, we are still, not sure if we will get to see the new sensor in smartphones with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 or not.  

Undoubtedly, LG will reveal the new camera module at CES 2023 tech show. On top of that, the company might also showcase early prototypes of the new LG telephoto lens. Earlier, Sony is the only other brand that produces true optical zoom-capable camera sensors. Now, LG has joined the club as well.  

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LG new sensor technical specs

If we go into the technical detail about the unit, it features a movable lens assembly besides optical image stabilization. In addition to that, the new camera unit is quite compact in size when compared to other telephoto solutions. Moreover, it can deliver up to 200mm equivalent zoom. If reports are true, the new LG sensor could make small and precise movements of 1μm. Notably, if a smartphone is equipped with just this sensor, it can offer multiple levels of optical zoom that too with a single camera module.   

It is worth mentioning that the new unit is the first smartphone camera sensor with optical zooming capability from LG., Plus, it should remain limited to high-end flagship smartphones.  

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