MIUI 13 Brings Several New Features to Xiaomi Devices

Xiaomi 13 Global
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Xiaomi usually releases a new MIUI version alongside new devices. The company has once again followed the same process with the release of MIUI 13. Just a few months ago, reports started arriving that Xiaomi phones across the globe will start receiving MIUI 13. Now, the company has rolled out the update for several key markets across the globe. The MIUI update brings several new features among other things. What’s more, the update is said to offer longer battery life, faster storage, among other things.

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MIUI 13 features

The new MIUI update will also bring other things like widgets and more. Anyways, the most important feature among them all is Liquid Storage. If we go into details about the new feature, it is a fresh method to store and organize files. It is targeted to reduce the fragmentation caused by frequent read and write actions. Fragmentation is a big issue.

Interestingly, the method enhances the storing and retrieving of files. In fact, the defragmentation efficiency is improved by up to 60%.

In another development, Xiaomi also brought Atomized Memory to the device. This is a method to enhance RAM efficiency and performance. What is does it is monitor how apps are using memory. In addition to that, this method also divides RAM’s usage into categories- important and unimportant tasks. To improve the performance, it can close all the unimportant tasks.

Besides the aforesaid things, the MIUI 13 also features Focused Algorithms and Smart Balance. The former allocates system resources and gives priority to active apps. On the other hand, the latter features attempt to find the balance between power consumption and performance, as the name suggests. It can result in a 10% longer battery life. Other features include better personalization, notifications, and more.

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