Mysterious ASUS Zenfone 8 Users Facing “ramdump” error

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A mystery ‘ramdump’ problem is bricking some premium Asus devices with the Snapdragon 888 CPU, including the Zenfone 8, ZenFone 8 Flip, and ROG Phone 5. At the present, the only permanent solution appears to be a motherboard replacement.

On the official Asus forums, a wave of users has complained that their phone’s screen went dark on its own and launched into a screen with the wording “Waiting for flashing full ramdump…” This happened in a variety of situations, including leaving the phone on charge overnight, leaving it idle, and even during normal use.

Sadly, once the problem arises, there appears to be no way out. Earlier, you could have entered recovery mode by holding down the power and volume up keys at the same time. However, with the new issues, it only returns you to the ‘ramdump’ screen. Users’ only choice is to take their phone to a service center, which is pointless because they recommend replacing the entire motherboard. And you guessed it right that motherboards are not cheap to repair. As a matter of fact, they could cost the same amount as that of the entire device.

In August, an Asus forum administrator stated that the company was looking into the problem and trying to figure out what was causing it. However, additional complaints have continued to mount up over the past two months.

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A possible fix?

Some users discovered that holding all three buttons (power + volume up + volume down) at the same time got them out of the ‘ramdump’ screen and into bootloader mode. The trick is to keep the three buttons pushed until the fastboot mode appears. When that happens, keep your fingers on the keys and don’t let go until the phone is on the fastboot screen. After then, release the power button and then the volume buttons.

However, this has only worked for a few people, and it isn’t guaranteed to work for you. But there’s no harm in giving it a shot.

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