OnePlus Limits Frame Rate for Some Apps, Workarounds Won’t Work

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High-refresh-rate screens have been one of the most beneficial additions to our smartphones in recent years, and OnePlus was one of the first to implement the technology. However, it appears as if some apps on OnePlus phones are unable to use the full-frame rate; and the company’s Android 12 upgrade has disabled workarounds.

The creator of the famous app Sync for Reddit posted a factoid about OnePlus phones on Reddit earlier this week.

OnePlus’ software prevents some apps from accessing the maximum frame rate of the display; limiting them to 60Hz at all times. That’s fine for video apps because videos rarely play faster than 60 frames per second. However, it can be aggravating for other content apps that incorporate video, such as Sync for Reddit. Locking apps on a 90Hz or 120Hz display can make the information appear “sluggish,” according to the Sync creator.

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The issue here is that apps can use an Android API to notify the device whether or not it should use a faster refresh rate, however many apps on the OnePlus phone are ignored when they use that API, while other apps are allow-listed and able to use APIs. What’s more, the Sync developer also mentioned that once they changed the Sync’s package name to Firefox browser; it started working properly.

However, this issue isn’t new, and OnePlus has been dealing with it on OxygenOS for some time now. The bad news is that OnePlus has disabled the solutions that some sophisticated users used to get around the limits. Workarounds, such as the AutoHz app, stopped working with Android 12.

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