OnePlus Won’t Allow Devices To Use Google Camera Mods Moving Forward

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Non-Pixel devices have enjoyed some of Google’s camera features courtesy of Google Camera mods, for quite some time. You might be wondering how is it possible that other devices can offer Google-Pixel-like features when they don’t have the same camera. The reason is that software makes up most of the Pixel camera experience. And developers have found a way to bring elements of it to other devices. It’s a common trick among the root-and-Custom-ROM crowd; it allows you to use Pixel camera features and increased processing on non-Pixel devices. Now, OnePlus has imposed an arbitrary limitation that prevents Google Camera modifications from accessing the company’s phones’ auxiliary cameras.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a number of well-known developers adapt and alter versions of the Google Camera app for third-party devices. It may take some digging to find a version that works with your phone. There are usually a few broken features and bugs, but you can often get much better photo results from these modified camera apps than you can from the app that came with your phone. You can also take advantage of some of the Pixel-specific camera features on your non-Pixel phone.

Other camera mods won’t be able to use OnePlus cameras too

According to the Google Camera Port Updates Telegram channel, the auxiliary cameras are no longer accessible outside of OnePlus’ own camera app as of OxygenOS 12. This means that if you installed a Google Camera mod on your OnePlus phone running Android 12; you’d be able to utilize it just with the primary camera/sensor. This also implies that other apps, including those you might download from the Play Store, won’t have access to the other sensors.

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