Pixel 6 phones are placing calls randomly to users’ contacts. Google is already working

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

The Pixel 6 series has gained a lot! Popularity after the launch. Some Pixel 6 phones are already shipped to some lucky customers who preordered the phones. But after getting the phones, many users have started to face several issues with their Pixel devices.

Like some users are facing an unwanted screen flicker problem, where some reported problems with AOD (Always On Display). But that’s not the end, again another problem has arisen which is likely the weirdest and most maddening. However, Google says they are aware of it and working on a fix.

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users are complaining on Reddit that their phones are automatically calling some random contacts. The scary part is that it’s happening even at midnight. And these can’t be coincident as a lot of people are complaining that they are also facing the same problem.

What’s the reason behind the ghost dialing?

According to some people, probably the reason behind the latest issue is Google Assistant.

Because they have found the calls in the Google activity history. But the weird part is there was no one talking in the background, which could mislead the command. As a temporary solution, disabling the Google Assistant on the lock screen could be the best idea for now.

A few people claimed that the unwanted calls were placed while they were sleeping. Even their phones were locked.

Even one user had to delete his contact number as the Pixel 6 “butt-dialed” a person in his work several times. The same auto-calling happened when the user was speaking in the Farsi language which Google Assistant doesn’t know.

Multiple Google Pixel 6 users are having the same problem. The only solution they have found is either disabling ‘Hey Google’ voice commands or the lock screen Google Assistant.

It seems like definitely, Google Assistant is the culprit behind the issue. As multiple reports regarding Pixel 6 are showing the AI being triggered unusually high at random intervals.

As we said before Google is already working on a fix, we can assume that users don’t have to wait much longer for a permanent solution. Till then, they can try the above-mentioned temporal solution (keeping away the Google Assistant from functioning while the phone is locked ).


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