Pixel 7 Series To Feature an Under-Screen Camera

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Google’s device usually houses a punch-hole front-facing camera, particularly for the last couple of years. However, the company seems to be discontinuing the trend. Google might use an under-screen camera on the Pixel 7 series, as per a patent filed by the company.

New Method to Use a Camera Under the Display Could Be Cost-Effective

LetsGoDigital recently spotted Google’s patent, which the company filed with the USPTO under the category ‘Display configuration for mobile computing devices. It is a 16-paged document that came to light on December 16, 2021. In the document, Google has talked about the requirement to increase the screen size without increasing the phone’s dimensions. In short, Google has talked about an under-display camera as a solution.

Previously, we have seen the likes of Galaxy Z Fold 3 and ZTE Axon 30 featuring an under-panel camera. However, you should note that quality generally degrades with the under-screen camera when compared to normal front-facing cameras. But we shouldn’t make a conclusion at this moment about the Pixel 7 series based on past experiences. Google will use a different and cost-effective camera.

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Google under-screen camera patent in a nutshell

Google has talked about a cheaper under-screen camera for Pixel 7. However, the company has not talked about whether a cheaper price will affect the overall image quality or not. The company should focus on camera quality to offer the best possible user experience. Moreover, Google is reportedly working on the second-generation Tensor chipset. It might be the case that the new custom chipset works magic to improve the overall quality of the camera.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that publishing a patent and using the same are two completely different things. Publishing doesn’t necessarily mean the company will use the technology.

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