Repair Mode: Samsung’s New Feature to Stop Service Technicians From Accessing Your Private Data

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It is a well-known fact that experience at service centers can become nightmarish, even if they are authorized by the manufacturer. Various aspects come under scrutiny, whether folks at service centers will try to access your data or not. To prevent this from happening, companies, including Apple and Google are offering using options to repair your device yourself. Now, Samsung has come forward with an even simpler solution called the Repair Mode feature. 

It is surprising to see that it took companies so long to realize the repair anxiety and roll out a solution. However, it feels good to see the companies are finally recognizing the issue. Anyways, let’s talk more about the new Samsung Repair Mode. This new feature will make sure that the technicians can only access the basic apps required to repair Galaxy smartphones. They cannot access your personal files, user accounts, photos, videos, and other data. 

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How can you access the Repair Mode?

The new feature will be present under the Battery and Device care menu under the Settings app. Once you enable the mode on your device, it will result in a device reboot and the service technician can only access the default apps. Once the repair is done, you have to reboot your device and unlock it to gain access to all the apps. One more thing that you need to know is, that once the device returns to its normal state, any files created during the repair process will no longer be there. 

Samsung will first release the new feature for the Galaxy S21 series via a software update. Soon after, it will roll out the feature to other devices as well. Unfortunately, we are not sure about the technical details for the new mode. Plus, we don’t know the exact timeline for the release and what devices it will support. Moreover, it will be interesting to see how the new mode will handle a full mainboard swap and some firmware updates. 

In any case, you should take a backup of your important field before handing your phone over to the technicians. 

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