Samsung Clarifies About Galaxy S22 and S22+ 48-120Hz Refresh rate

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Last week Samsung acknowledged that Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ feature 5x minimum refresh rates than what the company originally advertised. Specifically, Samsung stated that the Galaxy S22 and S22+ could switch in between 10Hz to 120Hz. On the other hand, Galaxy S22 Ultra offers a 1-120Hz range. The variable refresh rate on Samsung devices minimizes power consumption while reading texts and more. There are various devices already available in the market with a similar feature, including the Pixel 6 and iPhone 13 series. Interestingly, the company initially said that Galaxy S22 and S22+ could go down to 10Hz. Later, it quietly changed this to 48-120Hz range in a press release.

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Samsung’s official statement about 48-120Hz refresh rate

Here is what the company released in an official statement to Android Police:

“The display refresh rate was originally listed between 10 and 120Hz (10 to 120 frames per second), and we later opted to update how we communicate this specification in order to be in line with the more widely-recognized industry standard. Consumers can be assured there has been no change of hardware specifications, and both devices support up to 120Hz for super-smooth scrolling.”

What’s more, the South Korean giant issued an even longer statement to Hardware Info. The company has basically added some more context to the previous statement; the overall message remains the same:

“We want to clarify the refresh rate of the screen for Galaxy S22 and S22+. While the display component of both devices supports 48 to 120 Hz, Samsung’s proprietary technology offers adjustable screen refresh rates, minimizing AP-to-screen data transfer rates to 10 Hz to save power consumption. The display’s refresh rate was originally stated to be between 10 and 120 Hz (10 to 120 frames per second). We later chose to communicate this specification in line with the widely recognized industry standard. Consumers can rest assured that the hardware specifications have not changed. Both devices support up to 120 Hz for super-smooth scrolling. (machine translated from Dutch)”

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