Samsung Galaxy A Series Cameras To Feature Optical Image Stabilization

Samsung Galaxy A52s
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Samsung Galaxy A series might receive a new more powerful camera setup than expected. Specifically, the company might offers users with optical image stabilization (OIS) support across the whole Galaxy A range, including the lower-end models. This addition makes the upcoming series much more compelling.

So far, Optical image stabilization has been a feature of high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series. However, now the feature has made its way to the Samsung Galaxy A lineup, including Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52, at least according to the reports. These phones pack 64MP main cameras; on the other hand, other phones on the A series are equipped with 48 MP main cameras, with most of the sales happens with Galaxy A42 and below. Thus, the company wants to bring the high-end OIS feature to the masses by adding it to all the Galaxy A variants from the next year.

Nevertheless, many midrange devices already come equipped with this feature, including OnePlus Nord 2, Vivo V21 5G, and more. So it was natural for Samsung to get this feature on-board to its mid-range phones.

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What is OIS?

OIS is used to compensate for the physical shake of the camera while clicking pictures. It does the same by moving the camera lens in the opposite direction with the help of a gyro sensor. Thus, this feature offers better steady photos and videos. Moreover, OIS forms an important aspect of low-light photography.

How will OIS affect the pricing?

The addition of OIS will result in a increase overall pricing of the device. This move will benefit Samsung’s camera module partner. As OIS cameras are about 15% more expensive than the traditional autofocus ones. Hence, the average smartphone pricing could increase by at least 3%, on average.

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