Samsung Galaxy S22 Getting a Major Camera Update

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By this point, if you know anything about phones then you are well aware of what absolutely amazing camera setups the Samsung Galaxy S22 line-up has. One among these line-ups is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the smartphone doesn’t have the best camera available in the market. However, the diverse range of camera settings that it provides the user more than makes up for it. An S22 ultra is a flagship device that has a 4 rear camera module. Only in June this year the company had released an update that improved the camera quality and took the options it provided to another level. If we are to believe the reports the company plans of releasing another update.

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Customers will be able to use Hyperlapase mode on the telephoto lens as well 

Right now, users can use the Hyperlapse mode only on the primary and ultrawide camera modules. However, after the update, the Hyperlapse option will be available to be used on the telephoto lens as well. We may also get to see what the company termed as “Astronomical Hyperlapse” mode. But it will be available sometime in the future. All of this was posted by Samsung on their South Korean community forum when they posted about the 2nd August 2022 update. 

One of the things that the update will improve is the scanning of QR codes. They will be scanned much faster after the update. Right now, after scanning the QR codes the contents of it disappears. The only way to see them is by reopening the camera app again. Samsung is also planning to do something with this.  

Some other improvements that the users will get to see are better optimization of the camera storage and camera AI, night mode will also be much better. Improvements in HDR processing and image quality while taking motion pictures will also be seen.

Hyperlapse and QR scanning improvement will not be limited to the S22 series. They will also be available in the S21 series. And some of the updates mentioned above are already part of the One UI 5 beta firmware which supports Android 13.

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