Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Users Reports Display Issues

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In a recent development, there are rumors suggesting display issues on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra model. Affected users took it to Reddit to express their concerns about the display issue. Users have included images and short images that showcase a line of pixels with a bar at the bottom half of the display panel.

The problem isn’t permanent, but it persists, particularly when users are gaming or watching movies. What’s more, there is no report suggesting the cause of the issue. There is still no evidence that the problem is caused by hardware, but some speculate that it is. We did notice, however, that all of the claims concern Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra handsets using an Exynos chipset.

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In any case, we’ll have to wait and watch how this situation plays out when more customers begin to receive their Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra versions in the coming days. Still, if you’re having trouble with this; you might want to try switching your phone from QHD to FHD, which appears to help a little.

If this is a hardware issue, Samsung may be forced to return the faulty devices and replace them with new ones. However, this could be an issue given that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra shipment dates and wait times appear to be moving further away, with some customers reporting that their phones may not arrive until April. Samsung is clearly feeling the effects of the current chip shortage; it claims that demand is at an “all-time high” in a statement.

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