Samsung Galaxy S23: Storage Concerns Put to Rest

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The new Samsung Galaxy S23 series has been making headlines since its launch, with many features and capabilities that have impressed fans and critics alike. However, one area of concern was the reported storage space of the phone. Initial reports claimed that the Android 13-based One UI 5.1 would take up an alarming 60GB of storage on the Galaxy S23 series. This was a shock to many, especially when compared to the 15GB on Google’s Pixel 7 series.

Debunking the 60GB Storage Myth: The Real Story Behind One UI 5.1 on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

It turns out, these reports were incorrect. Ars Technica, along with Golden Reviewer on Twitter, has corrected these findings. The platforms stated Android 13 and One UI 5.1 do not take up this huge amount of storage on the Galaxy S23. The reason behind these false reports can be attributed to conversion losses when converting 1,024 bytes per KB to 1,000 bytes per KB.

For example, a 512GB Samsung Galaxy S23 phone will actually offer about 476GB of usable storage. Whereas a 128GB model will give you approximately 119GB of usable space. Samsung and some other OEMs choose to hide this lost space under the system storage. As a result, the total space adds up to what the companies advertise.

According to the corrected reports, a 512GB Samsung Galaxy S23 phone reserves 55.2GB for the system, while a 128GB model reserves 26.09GB. In comparison, a 128GB Google Pixel 7 actually has a system size of 6GB, not 15 GB.

While One UI 5.1 does take up slightly more space than One UI 5.0 on a 512GB Galaxy S22 series device, the difference is not as significant as originally reported. In fact, Notebookcheck found that One UI 5.1 on a Galaxy S23 Ultra uses less than 2GB more for its system partition than One UI 5.0 on a Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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