Samsung One UI 5.1 Takes Up 60GB of Internal Storage on Galaxy S23 Series


Samsung Galaxy S23 series comes loaded with One UI 5.1. It is the company’s own skin that sits on top of Android 13. Interestingly, the Samsung version of the OS takes too much space, an amount that most of us couldn’t even guess. Specifically, Samsung One UI 5.1 will take up 60GB of storage of their device’s internal storage.

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Even Windows 11 takes up 30GB of space and Samsung One UI 5.1 is taking 60GB

Without a doubt, there is a problem with Samsung’s software because the same Android 13 version running on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro only uses 15GB of internal storage. Android Authority has shed some light on the issue. According to the platform, every Galaxy S23 model you buy comes pre-installed with a tonne of bloatware. This implies that if you buy the base model, it will practically use up roughly half of that capacity as soon as the phone turns on.

Samsung has a contractual obligation to include Google’s apps on any smartphone that uses Android. However, Samsung may want to appear to have its own ecosystem apart from Google. Thus, it copies every Google app that ships with its products. As a result, instead of receiving just one similar app, users are receiving two identical apps installed on a single device. Moreover, Samsung also allows other businesses’ apps to come pre-installed on the Galaxy S23 for money.

For example, if Facebook or Instagram signs a contract with Samsung, these businesses can have their apps put on the system partition. In return, it will increase the overall amount of space used. The worst part of it all is that it’s impossible to delete these apps if you own a Galaxy S23, at least for now.

Unless Samsung changes its mind, each Galaxy S23 model will require 60GB of internal memory. What’s more, none of Samsung’s newest flagships have expandable storage. Hence, users might have to spend more money and purchase larger storage options.

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