Samsung Removed Ads From Samsung Pay, Health, and Weather Apps

Samsung Exynos 2022

Samsung has ceased delivering ads in their native One UI apps as of yesterday. The company has been showing ads in Samsung Pay, Weather, and Samsung Health.

Users had already posted their views on the vanished adverts on the Samsung Community forums. And, according to TizenHelp’s research, a Samsung staffer confirmed that the adverts are really gone for good.

Do the new Samsung ads changes only apply in South Korea?

Samsung appears to have only recognized the change in South Korea. But sources indicate that the advertising has been removed from other countries as well, including the United States. The company revealed earlier this year that it will remove advertisements from its apps.

Samsung Pay had a prominent banner ad on its Pay tab before this change, which is now removed. On the “Home” tab, there is still a “Featured” section that may feature offers. However, it isn’t as invasive as the previous adverts.

A banner ad displayed at the top of Samsung Health has also been removed; presumably with the help of a server-side upgrade. While this segment frequently featured workout advice, it also advertised Samsung’s smartwatches.

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Furthermore, it looks that Samsung Weather has also stopped delivering adverts on its main banner, instead, it is now just presenting the current temperature and forecast. The commercial banner in the Galaxy Themes app appears to have been deleted as well, as promised.

If the aforementioned Samsung apps continue to display adverts for you; you can stop the same with help of a force stop or cache clean.

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