Samsung Working On Enhancing Fast Charging Capabilities

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Fast charging is one of those areas where Samsung has fallen behind other Android OEMs. Some OEMs including Xiaomi, have already marketed 120W fast charging, Samsung’s newest flagships can only handle 25W. So, that’s quite a difference. However, that is about to change now. Since there are reports suggesting with the Galaxy S22 series the South Korean behemoth will also revamp its charger lineup.

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Samsung revamping its fast charging capabilities with two new devices

As per WinFuture, Samsung might release two new fast chargers. The Samsung Power Adapter Trio is the first, while the Samsung 45W US Type-C Power Adapter is the second.

The Power Adapter Trio contains three ports, allowing users to simultaneously charge three gadgets. Two of the three ports are USB Type C, while the third is a USB-A port. The first Type-C connector has a maximum power output of 65 watts. On the other hand, the second and third ports have maximum power outputs of 25 and 15 watts, respectively.

The 65W option is likely for Samsung’s Chromebooks and Windows laptops. Because no Samsung phone currently on the market supports faster charging above 25W. Likewise, there is no proof that the forthcoming Galaxy S22 series will feature 65W fast charging capabilities.

Moreover, the EP-T4510 Power Adapter includes a USB Type-C connection and can deliver up to 45W of power. The 45W charger is most likely for Samsung’s forthcoming flagships, and it is in line with reports that the Galaxy S22 Ultra would allow fast-charging up to 45W. In most areas, Samsung no longer includes a charger with its flagships. So, even if the new 45W charger is for the Galaxy S22 series; it’s unlikely that Samsung will include it in the box. It’ll almost certainly be a separate purchase.

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